Triathlon Treviso

crono-triathlon-trevisoThe TRIATHLON TREVISO born in December 1993 and is made up of people from different sports with a passion for swimming, bike and run. In practice we are already so many but we hope to become more and more involving teenagers and their parents. The main objective, therefore, is to spread the multidiscipline through the creation of a movement that in sports gatherings taste for the race and forge friendship and the pleasure of being together. During these years, we believe we have formed a great company for tradition and presence in the Treviso area, between valuable people, who consider the sport as a fundamental moment of education, training and aggregation. The company currently has over 100 members. Our athletes participating in many of the most important races in Italy and abroad, focusing in particular those taking place in TriVeneto. The ambitious and primary objective that the association has been in charge since birth, is to approach the triathlon younger generations by involving parents and making popular activities in schools.