Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia

It took officially start the new season of Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia. The 2016 season will be the third group to train Italian continental directed by team manager Ivan De Paolis.

The first aspect that we leave is the new formation. “For riders confirmed, among which the names of Antonio Parrinello and Paolo Ciavatta, you add new grafts, also with young raiders coming from under23, and significant returns knit Area Zero as those of Fabo Chinello and Charly Petelin that have already been with us at team debut in 2014,” explains Ivan De Paolis.

At present the rose- 2016 Area Zero-D’Amico-Bottecchia is composed of 14 riders: Francesco Baldi (Ita), Giorgio Bocchiola (Ita), Fabio Chinello (Ita), Paolo Ciavatta (Ita), Pietro Di Genova (ita), Nicholas Genovese (Eng), Daniel Martin Gines (Spa), Luca Giuliani (Ita), Davide Leone (Ita), Iltjan Nika (Alb), Antonio Parrinello (Ita), Charly Petelin (Ita), Marco Tizza (Ita), Fabio Tommassini (Ita), Luis Mora (Ven).